2017 Host - University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Omaha / Omaha, Nebraska, USA - June 4-8, 2017


The University of Nebraska Medical Center builds on a rich, vibrant history that dates back to the end of the 19th century.

From the state’s first medical college in 1880 to a dental college (1903), pharmacy college (1908), nursing college (1917), allied health training programs (early 1930s) and the Graduate College (1942), UNMC not only expanded to meet the needs of future health professionals but also consolidated several of its colleges into an Omaha campus destined to sustain its growth. UNMC continues to be committed to its mission to improve the health of people in Nebraska and beyond.

In 1908, the University of Omaha was founded as a private, coeducational college by the Presbyterian Theological Seminary at Omaha. Early founders stated a desire for a learning environment "free from ecclesiastical control." In addition to forging an institution that provided "sound learning and practical education," the intent was for this to be within reach of anyone who sought higher education.

By 1930, the University of Omaha became the city's first and only municipal university. Over time UNO became the state's metropolitan university and the symbiotic relationship between UNO and the city of Omaha has only grown stronger.